Thursday, October 1, 2015

My favorite GIFs from South Park - Season 19 - Episode 02 - Where My Country Gone?

Season 19 started off slow; Episode 1 had a few laughs scattered throughout, but all-in-all was pretty lackluster. Episode 2 built on everything established in the Episode 1 and delivered arguably the funniest South Park episode in years. I'm Canadian, so any time South Park makes fun of Canada, I'm all smiles. Here are my favorite moments from the episode, delivered in GIF format:

1. The Canadian Alphabet - Without sound, this doesn't have the same effect. Still hilarious to watch and repeat along.
South Park Canadian Alphabet GIF
"These are the Canadian ABCs, Suzie likes hairy balls whaddya think of these?"

2. The Canadian President (Trump) doing the Safety Dance - Without sound, it's not as enjoyable, but dancing GIFs are my favorite. So is South Park. And so is The Safety Dance. Add them all together and you have my ultimate favorite moment.
South Park Canadian President Trump Safety Dance GIF South Park Safety Dance GIF

3. South Park Canadian Kids Playing Street Hockey - Normally this would rank higher, but I'm supposed to be at Play On! Nationals right now and watching kids play street hockey stings a little.
South Park Street Hockey GIF

4. Mr. Garrison's Mad Face - Zooming mad faces will always make me smile. South Park Mr Garrison Mad GIF

And not GIFs but still pretty awesome

The Canadian Alphabet:
South Park Canadian Alphabet

The Canadian Alphabet with Subtitles:
Canadian Alphabet with Subtitles
Font found here:

Dude. Unbelievable.
Kyle South Park Speech

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