Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Halloween Havoc Post 7 - Saw - Jigsaw GIFs

Plot holes, acting limitations, and b.s. aside, the first Saw movie is one of my favorites. The 2nd Saw is my favorite in the series. Even the 3rd had it's charm. The rest can go away.

Enjoy some Jigsaw/SAW GIFs:

Here we see Jigsaw on a television screen, something anybody who has seen any number of Saw movies is used to:
Jigsaw on Television GIF

Jigsaw chit-chatting again:
jigsaw talking GIF

Jigsaw would like to play a game:
jigsaw puppet i'd like to play a game GIF

From Saw II, Jigsaw tricycles to the top of the stairs:
jigsaw tricycle GIF

Amanda Young in the reverse bear trap:
saw amanda dental trap GIF

Detective Eric Matthews Facepalm GIF from Saw II:
saw II eric matthews facepalm GIF

Doctor Gordon saws his own foot off at the end of the first SAW movie:
Saw dr gordon cuts off foot GIF

Jigsaw visits a college, things don't go as planned:
jigsaw falls off tricycle GIF

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