Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Halloween Havoc Post 14 - Dolly Dearest GIFs

I didn't make the originals of any of these GIFs, but they've been on my HD forever and I love them.

Here's Dolly twitching out:
Dolly Dearest Twitching out GIF

And here is Dolly playing with scissors, be careful Dolly:
Dolly Dearest with scissors GIF

Here's Dolly making the sucking d*ck motion; come on Dolly, show some class:
Dolly Dearest Throw Down GIF

Cheeky little head, put your tongue back in your mouth:
Doll Dearest Mannequin Head Tongue GIF

Dolly, you seem upset, what's wrong?:
Dolly Dearest Snarl GIF

My reaction when:
Dolly Dearest Bald Head Tongue GIF

Careful with that knife, Dolly, you might hurt somebody:
Dolly Dearest Crazy Knife GIF

Dolly Dearest Dynamite Explosion GIF

Wave to the camera, Dolly:
Dolly Dearest Waving GIF

My favorite GIF of the bunch:
Dolly Dearest Knife GIF

Dolly Dearest Boom GIF

The Trailer, for those interested:

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