Wednesday, August 17, 2011

gif request - universal pictures GIF

gif request - universal pictures GIF


Genie said...

This is so great but it blacks out at the end. Would be perfect if it just kept turning without the blackout. But if not, the lion works great too:-)

Genie said...

I am using them anyway, they still are very cool!

Genie said...

Ithink I understand why it can't loop. Could you give me this gif also. Hotnewton? I need one on color.

they are fabulous thanks!

hotnewton said...

i fixed the b&w mgm gif:

and made the color one as well:

i tried my best to fix the universal pictures GIF but the A never gets back to the starting point so it's impossible to make a seamless loop of that video. if you can find a different version that runs longer i'll GIF it for you.

anyways, this is the best i could do: